7 Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding Ideas That You Can Borrow

A destination wedding has been a trend nowadays. It is a wedding ceremony held outside the couple’s hometown. It is undeniably fun and exciting, but the question is, “Will it fit with the budget that you have in your hand?” With this, we asked a few experts to give you advice on how to execute a destination wedding at a low cost.
1. Travel on Shoulder Season
Shoulder Season is the period between the peak season and offseason. During peak season, travel is costly since it is an opportunity for tourism stakeholders to earn more. When you travel on the shoulder season, lesser fees are collected by …

The 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

It is addictive to browse a variety of dresses to choose from for your bridesmaids. It is fun thinking and imagining how they will look on the dress you prefer for them to wear. To better help you decide on what dress style they will wear, here are 5 bridesmaid dress trends that you must check.
1. One-shoulder dresses
Giving attention to asymmetrical details is the craze to achieve soft neutral perfection. If you prefer black dresses, use light and a single color for the bouquet to make it bolder at sight. Gunmetal option is also a good choice if you want a dramatic sight for your bridesmaids. Let them wear…

Avail Your Designer Wedding Dress Online

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most tiring parts of the wedding plan. You go door-to-door from different stores and check their offered wedding dresses. Some brides prefer designer dresses, and it is frustrating to know that the designer wedding dress they want maybe not available or out of stock in wedding dress stores near them. Thankfully, Amazon has just announced that the luxury fashion business is included in its e-commerce site. This is a sign that you can now purchase your favorite designer wedding dress on Amazon.
The global retailer launched Luxury Stores on September 15, 2020. It is a mobile marketplace where …

20 Best High-Low Wedding Dresses Styles That You’ll Surely Love

The trend of wearing high-low dresses had been out during the 2000s, with 19th century evening gowns. Although this trend exists for about a decade, it still does not come down from the list. On this page, the 20 best high-low wedding dresses styles with where you can get them are presented. If you’re one of those people in love with these types of wedding dresses, then sit back and be in love with these styles.

Halfpenny Jackson Dress

A sweetheart strapless neckline with a full skirt in the style of this gown. Grab it at https://www.net-a-porter.com/en-us/shop/product/halfpenny-…

The 10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

Bridal Fashion Week always gives us the latest trends on the wedding dresses we can have on our biggest day. It gives us ideas about planning our preferred wedding dress. From the simplicity, creativity, and modesty of these dresses, the bride’s beauty comes out. Let us browse the 10 wedding dress trends for 2021 and be amazed by each of its designs.
1. Shoulder Capes
Princess Diana’s captivating wedding dress is the source of this trend. Some call it shoulder-duster or ribbon train, it is a wedding gown designed with long strands of beautifully collected fabric attached at the shoulders, giving the …

9 Best Stores to Buy Wedding Rings Online

Most of the time, people give more attention and glory to engagement rings, but wedding rings are undeniably a thing that must be given more importance. Choosing the best wedding ring for you and your partner is one of the highlights of wedding planning. If you are one of those couples looking for some retailers from where to buy the best wedding ring for you, you are on the right page. Online retailers bring convenience as you can purchase wedding rings at the comfort of your home, thus helps you to lessen the hassles of wedding planning. Here are the 9 best retailers and their edges to buy wedding rings online.
1. Etsy …

Things to Do If You Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring

Here’s the thing, he is there kneeling in front of you, nervous but excitedly asking “Will you marry me?”. You said “yes”. He is about to put the ring on your finger, but you come to stop. Stuck. He is now putting the ring on your finger and there is no turning back. You are thinking deeply. It is not because you do not love your significant other.
The thing is you do not like the ring, and it seems that it is the worst ring you’ve ever seen in your entire life. It does not fit your expectation. What will you do? If you are in this kind of situation right now and do not know what to do, we provide you a list of solutions…