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7 Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding Ideas That You Can Borrow

A destination wedding has been a trend nowadays. It is a wedding ceremony held outside the couple’s hometown. It is undeniably fun and exciting, but the question is, “Will it fit with the budget that you have in your hand?” With this, we asked a few experts to give you advice on how to execute a destination wedding at a low cost.

1. Travel on Shoulder Season

Shoulder Season is the period between the peak season and offseason. During peak season, travel is costly since it is an opportunity for tourism stakeholders to earn more. When you travel on the shoulder season, lesser fees are collected by tourism stakeholders since lesser tourists are expected to come. Saved money can be used in other wedding planning expenses.

2. Find Connections

If you are new to a place, you are clueless about the costs of the things there. It is a good thing to have someone that you can ask about the place you intended to go. You can ask about the prices of the things and plan your budget more accurately. Also, you can have the wedding event in their house (if ever the place is spacious) instead of renting a hotel room and events place.

3. Shop Local Products

Not all things that you consume as you travel need to come from your chosen destination to visit. Be wise in spending money and buy local products instead of a foreign ones. It will not bear so much difference on the quality but look on the difference of its prices.

4. The Place You Will Choose Can Make the Budget

Always consider other expenses such as taxes, transportation requirements, and travel documents. Keep in mind that it adds to the cost of your dream destination wedding. Pick places that require lesser expenses for travel requirements. Do not choose more remote locations for it is surely more costly.

5. Choose A Not Tented Event

Launching a tented event can be very costly. Considerate things such as the cost of the material, how to get to the venue, decorations, lightings, and purring flooring. This makes tented events more costly than you thought it could be. Choose places with a covered area where people can be gathered rather than renting tents to accommodate them.

6. Consider Partial or Full Purchase of a Property

You can purchase a property and make it your venue. In this way, you can achieve the privacy you desire for your wedding. But if the full purchase is not attainable, try asking the venue owner if you can purchase only a particular portion of that place.

7. Use Local Talents

Support the local economy and bring with you the local talents of photographers and videographers. Aside from being supportive of local talent, it will also help to lessen your expenses since locals charge lesser fees.

Yes, the wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. Make the most out of it, but always remember to have a budget-friendly way of achieving your dream wedding, such as a destination wedding. Do not pour all your money on one-day occasion and wake up tomorrow having nothing at hand.

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