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The 10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

Bridal Fashion Week always gives us the latest trends on the wedding dresses we can have on our biggest day. It gives us ideas about planning our preferred wedding dress. From the simplicity, creativity, and modesty of these dresses, the bride’s beauty comes out. Let us browse the 10 wedding dress trends for 2021 and be amazed by each of its designs.

1. Shoulder Capes

Princess Diana’s captivating wedding dress is the source of this trend. Some call it shoulder-duster or ribbon train, it is a wedding gown designed with long strands of beautifully collected fabric attached at the shoulders, giving the bride the mood of the light drama.

2. Backless

Give your back an unexpected flash of skin as photographed with backless gowns. With a touch of both modern and modest, give the best shot of your angle with these backless gowns.

3. Transformative Pieces

From the idea of infinity dress, transformative pieces of gowns come into place. Have your gowns reworn into different styles with a single gown on hand.

4. The Statement Bolero

Achieve a versatile look with this type of gown. Wear puffed sleeves and cropped ruffles matched with removable boleros and attain versatility.

5. Exaggerated Ruffles

If you prefer simplicity and minimalism, choose exaggerated ruffles as your wedding gown. It has a simple design with beautifully arranged large ruffles for additional aesthetic.

6. Maxi Bows

Maximize your style with life bows of Maxi Bows type of gowns. A beautiful large ribbon on your gown will surely make you look elegant.

7. Square Necks

Another trend for a minimalist wedding gown is the square necks. The bride’s conservative looks give a pleasant mood to the eyes.

8. Off-the-shoulder Balloon Sleeves

A classic style of wedding dresses is still a trend up to now. Balloon sleeves create a romantic and desirable style for the bride.

9. High Low

The high low gown is a product of mixing modern and classic styles. Mini dresses used in micro weddings are now a trend. This typically shows a style of high part on the front and longer part on the back.

10. Tea-length Dresses

Simplicity is on its way for tea-length dresses. The casual but still elegant design is presented in this type of gown. It is a dress with just the right amount of length where feet cannot be covered.

Grab these wedding gown trend ideas and have the best wedding gown for your wedding day. Either simple or elegant, these trends will surely help you to decide what style of gown will you choose.

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