Bridesmaid Dresses

The 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

It is addictive to browse a variety of dresses to choose from for your bridesmaids. It is fun thinking and imagining how they will look on the dress you prefer for them to wear. To better help you decide on what dress style they will wear, here are 5 bridesmaid dress trends that you must check.

1. One-shoulder dresses

Giving attention to asymmetrical details is the craze to achieve soft neutral perfection. If you prefer black dresses, use light and a single color for the bouquet to make it bolder at sight. Gunmetal option is also a good choice if you want a dramatic sight for your bridesmaids. Let them wear the shoes of their choice which matches their personality. Navy blue is the new black. Pair it with shoes of popping colors and enjoy its elegance.

2. Bold and Vibrant Hues

Let your bridesmaids look sassy with bold and vibrant hues of their gowns. Pair plum jewel-tone gown with a lighter shade of bouquet. You can also rock the party with a vibrant yellow color.

3. Mismatched Gowns

It is not always about uniformity; it is also about uniqueness. Let them wear what they want to wear and show their personality with their gorgeous looks in their dresses.

4. Short and Sassy

Let them have a chic youthful look as they wear short and sassy dresses. Let them show their beautiful skin as they rock at your wedding party.

5. Pastels

Choose pastel color for their gowns to enjoy the springtime mood. Refresh each other with the looks they give on their pastel dresses.

It is now easier for you to decide on your bridesmaids’ dresses. You may decide it by yourself but still, seek their thoughts about what they are about to wear on your big day.

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