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Touring A Destination Wedding Venue: 8 Key Questions to Ask

Wedding planning is a tough task to do. If you are planning to have a destination wedding, then it is even tougher, so many things must be taken into consideration. To better help you plan your destination wedding, here are 8 key questions to ask when touring a destination wedding venue.

1. What is my back up plan?

It is important to have plan B in every plan you made. Do not be complacent with plan A. Unexpected happenings must be taken into consideration. You can think of a venue where either an indoor or outdoor event is fine.

2. What services and stock do you have that we can use?

Asking the materials available within the venue will help your event to be more budget-friendly. Some hotels make their materials and staff available for you and choose one of this kind.

3. Can our guests visit us even if they are not staying at the same hotel?

Consider the limitations of the venue to accommodate your guests. Some hotels do not offer an open-door policy thus making you decide to limit the number of your guest.

4. Do you charge for welcome gift delivery?

It happens traditionally that the guests at your wedding will receive a welcome gift to show your gratitude for traveling with them. Many hotels charged for this kind of service, so choose one that is not or is just charging a small amount for that.

5. What’s the usual weather here on our wedding date?

Weather consideration is part of the big plan especially if your wedding plan prefers an outside event. It also helps you to plan for your travel. Choose the weather that you love.

6. What’s your curfew?

Ask the hotel about the time interval you can stay with them. Aside from the time of staying, also ask until what time can you have your party especially if you want the party to happen overnight.

7. What is the rate per room?

Opt to find a hotel that offers a discounted price depending on the number of guests you will bring to them and the amount of time you will be staying. Be mindful of their room policies and make sure it can still be covered by your budget.

8. Do you allow vendors and professionals from outside to work here?

Some hotels do not allow outside professionals to work because they offer staffing services. Weigh the cost of hiring outside professionals or availing services from the hotel staff. Choose the budget-friendly option without sacrificing work quality.

Arm yourself with these key questions as you come on a tour of your destination wedding venue. Be wise and make your biggest day the best day of your life.

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