Where do you want to go next?

The wedding dresses we stock at La Couture Bridal have been handpicked by us to offer our brides a wide variety of styles, in fabrics to make your heart swoon. Chosen for their luxurious nature and high quality, each and every one of our bridal dresses has passed the La Couture Seal of Approval.

The designers have also undergone some serious La Couture scrutiny. The labels must deliver divine dresses, season after season. Have a fashion forward approach, which keeps them at the top of their game, and use only the very best fabrics. Above all, they must be committed to high levels of customer service, and the ability to design and produce “The One”

“The One”

The Dress that has the power to transform you into the woman you see in your dreams. The Dress, which somehow possess some magical quality to lift you up and make you feel like you are floating on a cloud of beauty. The Dress, when you put it on fits like no other, feels like no other, and makes you wish your wedding was tomorrow. The Dress, The One, you would gladly wear every day of your life.

“The One” is different for each of us, however, we believe that every wedding dress we stock, has that power to be “The One”

As a bride-to-be you will try on many beautiful dresses that are of course lovely, but not quite right; don’t worry they are someone else’s One. Your One is cut just right to suit you, when you put it on, it transforms to take on your style and personality, almost like it was made especially for you. That’s when you know, this is the dress I will be married in.

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