There is a huge online discussion at the moment about body shapes/sizes, body positivity/body confidence. As you would expect, the subject evokes a whole host of strong opinions and emotions but we here at La Couture just want everyone, regardless of size or shape, to feel fabulous every day – especially on their wedding day!

One way we can help in our industry, is to help guide women to wedding dress styles that will offer the most flattering cut and support where needed. We have put together this post to outline some of the most common body shapes and some stunning wedding dresses we feel would flatter the wearer best. Of course every body is unique and if you are looking for the wedding dress of your dreams, we would urge you to make an appointment to come in and discuss everything you want from your bridal outfit and we will do everything we can to make those dreams a reality.

A quick description of each body type;

  • Triangle: Hips are wider than the shoulders. 
  • Rectangle: Hips and shoulders are balanced but waistline is not well defined. 
  • Inverted Triangle: Shoulders are wider than the hips. 
  • Hourglass: Hips and shoulders are balanced and waistline is defined. 
  • Round (or Oval): Your waist area is wider than the shoulder or hips.

Body Shape: Triangle

As well as working the ‘suit everyone’ A-Line shape, triangles can also work ballgown, dropped waist and fit-n-flair wedding dresses. This is because these styles of dress pull you in at the waist and skim over your hips, giving you a beautiful silhouette. Two stunning dresses that would work perfectly for this body shape are:

Stella York – style number 6639

Stella York – style number 6581

Body Shape: Rectangle

Rectangle shapes can work sheath dresses perfectly. They can also wear dropped waist & fit and flair styles due to the ‘curve creating’ magic these dress shapes offer. We would recommend considering one of these two glorious gowns for a rectangular body shape:

Stella York – style number 6648

Stella York – style number 6404

Body Shape: Inverted Triangle

A dropped waist style balances out an inverted triangle shape perfectly. Ballgown & A-line shaped dresses are also great for creating a dramatic statement with a tiny waist. Here are two perfect wedding dresses for an inverted triangle body shape:

Stella York – style number 6519

Stella York – style number 6219

Body Shape: Hourglass

If you’re lucky enough to have an hourglass body shape, then you can pretty much work any dress style! With that in mind, we’ve simply selected two of our favourite figure flaunting dresses:

Stella York – style number 6506

Stella York – style number 6586

Body Shape: Round or Oval

A-line dresses are excellent for pulling brides in at the waist, without adding too much volume on their lower half. Dropped waist styles are also great for balancing out the figure and drawing eyes to the bust & hips. Below are two dresses that will do just that:

Stella York – style number 6291

Stella York – style number 6347

As we said above, each and every body is beautifully unique and there is absolutely no need to stick to ‘rules’ when it comes to wedding dresses. The ultimate goal is that you find a bridal outfit that makes you feel like the very best version of yourself you could possibly be. We would love to help you achieve that, just head on over to our appointments page or contact us on 01562 700020 to arrange a time to come in and see how we can help create your bridal look.