Bridal fashion is allowing for more and more personal style and each brides unique stamp to be placed on your wedding day attire. Whether it is adding belts and brooches to dresses, or styling a sleek and chic hairdo with statement Swarovski earrings – everything and anything is possible. Which is one of the reasons we love bridal jewellery.

From the understated and chic classic pearl necklace to lavish and statement crystal drop earrings, your bridal jewellery can transform any dress you put on, just by changing a piece here and there.

Each piece of wedding jewellery you find in our treasure trove of cabinets and draws here at La Couture Bridal have the ability to transform, wow and amaze – it’s just up to you how you style it. We are always happy to make recommendations, however history tells us that brides really know what pieces are truly “them” when it comes to jewellery.

With stunning jewellery collections from Amanda Wyatt and Ivory and Co, you can be sure any piece of bridal jewellery at La Couture is extremely well made, with much thought and attention to detail.

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