If there is one thing that screams bride it’s the wedding veil. Of course not all brides choose to wear a veil on their wedding day, but with the hope that you will only ever get married once – there will be no other occasion on which you will be able to don this particular headpiece so we say go for it!

With that in mind, choosing the right veil can be a daunting task with all manner of style, shapes and sizes available. To try and unmuddy the waters slightly, we have detailed out the 6 most common styles with their defining characteristics. Hopefully together with our wedding veil top tips, you will feel more confident in choosing the perfect wedding veil for your big day.

Starting small we start with the …


Birdcage Veil

La Couture wedding veil Birdcage

A fabulous addition to a vintage styled wedding. Birdcage veils come in a range of shapes and sizes but are characteristically short veils, typically made out of netting. They cover just a portion of a bride’s face and end above the chin. Usually fixed towards the front of the head, wonderful if you’re wanting to display an elaborate hairstyle. The birdcage veil pairs particularly well with shorter wedding dresses, and give a real glam edge to a bridal look.

Top tip: If opting for a birdcage veil, ensure the netting finishes above the lip to avoid any lipstick smears or stains.


Traditional Veils

Elbow, fingertip, chapel and cathedral length veils would be grouped as traditional veils. Available as single tier or multiple and with or without a blusher (a shorter tier that can be worn over the face and lifted as part of the ceremony) these veils are named to distinguish their length.


Elbow Length Veil

La Couture wedding veil Elbow length

Elbow length veils, often worn around the crown, end around a bride’s elbows or waistline. This length works well with any style of wedding dress and is the ideal choice for brides who want a traditional bridal look without the extra work that may be required by one of a longer length.


Fingertip Length Veil

La Couture wedding veil Fingertip length

The veil length of choice for our Duchess of Cambridge. The fingertip length veil falls around a bride’s fingertips. A beautifully timeless and elegant veil length. Fingertip length veils are still easily manageable with an added touch of drama to the aesthetic.

Top tip: If you’re wearing a simply styled wedding dress you can look at more embellished veils to compliment. On the flip side, if your dress is heavily embellished you should look at minimal decoration on your veil.


Chapel Length Veil

La Couture wedding veil Chapel Length

A truly romantic choice. Chapel length veils run the full height of the bride, ending at the ground or just a couple of inches beyond the hem of the wedding dress. If you’re wanting to add a wow factor then this length veil will definitely deliver.

Top tip: Long tulle veils can crease easily. Ensure you arrange to have the veil steamed (not ironed!) and hung appropriately ready for your wedding day.


Cathedral Length Veil

La Couture wedding veil Cathedral-length

Image via Pinterest

The epitome of wedding veil wow factor. The cathedral length veil is the longest veil style. Princess Diana’s cathedral length veil was over 7 metres long! Although they are usually found around 3 metres in length. Long enough to end way past the hem of your wedding dress and pool beautifully. A cathedral length veil is a real style statement and a show stopping bridal accessory. If you’re aiming for a real dramatic effect, then this is the way to go.

Top tip: You may want to plan to remove the veils after the wedding ceremony so you can really enjoy mingling with your guests and a sashay on the dance floor without restriction, or worry that it will be torn from your head by someone stepping on the end of it!


Drop Veil

La Couture wedding veil Drop veil jenhuangphoto.com

Image via Pinterest

A drop veil is simply a beautiful piece of tulle that is placed over the brides head and secured with pins although can be worn with an invisible comb for more security. The drop veil gives a dreamy bohemian effect and offers something a little bit different to the traditional veils mentioned above.

Top tip: Choose a shade of tulle that is as close a match to your wedding dress as possible to avoid either fighting with the other


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