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Top 10 Wedding Fashion Rules for Wedding Guests

Weddings are one of the most important events of a person’s life. They’re considered a sacred, formal, and ceremonial event here. As a wedding guest, it is not an easy choice to decide what to wear and what not to. Regardless of your role, you as a wedding guest are responsible for dressing properly.

However, unbeknownst to many people, there are fashion rules for wedding events. That said, here are the guidelines on what to wear and what you should not wear.

Don’t wear too fancy clothing

The idea here is that you should not upstage the bride. More often than not, weddings are one of those events wherein you could treat yourself to wearing a fancy dress. This is all fine, but make sure that you don’t steal attention away from the bride.

Consider wearing accessories

Let’s be honest, wedding dresses are expensive. While you can rent one, it will still cost you considerable amounts of money. A good way of dressing properly and not upstaging the bride is to wear something simple and then adorn yourself with accessories so that you will not look underdressed nor too fancy.

Avoid being too seductive

Weddings are sacred events after all. Avoid wearing see-through dresses or very short dresses that reveal too much skin. Revealing your cleavage is fine but only to a certain extent.

Don’t underdress

Weddings are formal events. Don’t just attend a wedding wearing custom T-shirts & hoodies. Be formal. For girls, wear something decent and fancy but don’t overdress.

Don’t wear black

It is a day of celebration after all –not a funeral. For men, wearing black tuxedos is fine as black is the traditional color of tuxedos. For women, however, try to avoid wearing black.

Wear bright colors

Wearing bright colors signifies happiness, and it is perfect for a day of celebration. Wear colors that are vibrant or bright such as pretty pastels.

Wear flat shoes

High heels are good and all, but the wedding ceremony is quite long and there may be instances where you’ll be required to stand up. Bringing a pair of flats is advisable as heels put too much stress on your feet.

Wearing fur in winter

The fur is considered a luxurious clothing. Albeit expensive, wearing fur in a winter wedding is somewhat traditional. After all, it is decent, fancy, and of course, can keep you warm.

The Bride’s Mother

If you are the mother of the bride, you must wear a color that coincides with the wedding’s theme. Also, you have to stand out. However, it is still your daughter’s wedding so you have to dress well but not too good.

Never wear white

This is considered to be the cardinal sin of wedding events. Wearing a white dress or a white tuxedo or any clothing that the color white stands out of is by far the biggest mistake any wedding guest can do. At a wedding, the bride and groom are the stars. All the attention should be on them.

Someone wearing a white dress could easily be confused as a bride, so it does not matter how the color white fits you. Just don’t wear white.

These are the top 10 fashion wedding rules for wedding guests. Keep these things in mind the next time you attend a wedding. Most importantly, enjoy!

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